Matchmaking with Mr and Mrs Salas

How we Match Perfect Families with Perfect Homes

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Have you ever been in love?

When you fell in love do you remember getting that weird feeling? Shortness of breath, your heart races, the world seems full of opportunities and yet you are entirely focused on one thing? (You are all thinking about falling in love with a person, right?)

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There’s one other experience that has the same effect as falling in love ...

walking into a house that you know you can call home.

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"This is no doubt a commonly shared and profound experience. And seems just as random, surprising and enigmatic as falling in love with another person.."

Is it the light? The size of the rooms? The colours? No one knows.  Even the person who is feeling it finds it hard to put into words.  In short – finding the perfect home is an emotional response not a practical one.  Just like falling in love.

"There are so many similarities between dating and home hunting that Jhermie and I have built our entire real estate business around it with the central idea that our customers are not seeking a house to buy but looking for a home to love."

We realized that you are not purchasing some bricks and mortar and glass and appliances but building a relationship with an experience that will have a long lasting effect for the rest of your lives.  This has helped us become better agents and are far more sensitive to our clients’ real needs.

"We get it..

How tiring the homebuying process can be. How nervous you can become. How upset when another buyer gets their offer accepted. The indecision. Questions, questions, questions. Are you doing the right thing? (I love the house but will it love me back?)


It’s a big commitment – we get that.”

Let us match you with your perfect home: Less tiring, less upset, fewer questions. Find the home that will love you back.