Our Story

While there are couples that meet, fall in love and get married – there are few couples that make an excellent team. They might be great parents, caring husbands and wives and plan an execute a happy and successful life together. But, in our experience, few can work together and establish a serious and credible business.  

Except, that is,  for both of our parents!

I love Jhermie’s parents and she loves mine – they are all inspiring entrepreneurs and managers as well as parents to large families of successful (and soon to be successful) kids.

We got together as a couple, then as parents to an ever growing brood of charming (mainly) and gorgeous (definitely) kids – always knowing that when the time was right we would work together and build a secure business in line with our families’ traditions. 

So, here we are.  Together, working hard, building a team, helping others to find a home to love and loving every minute.



Jhermie Salas

(951) 419-5172

Jansen Salas

(951) 400-5350